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RiboClub Opening Session

The RiboClub Annual Meeting serves as the opening session of year long activities and seminars by students and trainees at all levels. The annual meeting encourages the exchange of ideas and stimulates collaborations between RNA biologists around the world. The meeting covers different topics related to the chemistry, structure and biology of RNA with emphasis on upcoming and debatable biological questions. Each year, the RiboClub focuses on a different research topic or a community of RNA researchers to highlight new advances in RNA research and innovation and promote collaboration between scientists from different disciplines and research institutes.

Join us in shaping the future of RNA research!

Your donation fuels the next RNA revolution, reducing costs and amplifying benefits. By donating during the registration for the RNA Canada 2024, you directly support the trainee job fair, mentor-mentee activity, flash talks, and poster prizes. With your support, RNA Canada ARN empowers researchers to influence the planning of RNA studies, fostering collaboration, innovation, and industry partnerships nationwide.

As a Pan-Canadian not-for-profit led by dedicated volunteers, we champion RNA advancements for the benefit of all Canadians. Together, let’s drive progress in life sciences through the power of RNA.

Topics & Speakers

The Future of RNA Technology

Celebrating a RiboClub Milestone

September 30 – October 4, 2024

Ottawa Conference and Event Centre

Ottawa, Canada

Registration Deadline June 10

50% oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts

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An event jointly organized by RiboClub, RiboWest, and The Toronto RNA Club/Enthusiasts’ Day (TREnD), the inaugural RNA Canada ARN 2024 conference will delve into the forefront of RNA technology and explore Canada’s pioneering leadership role in research and charting the course for the development of RNA-based innovations.   

In 2024, the RiboClub is commemorating a quarter-century of research excellence by celebrating the establishment of RNA Canada ARN and by joining forces with other RNA communities across Canada to organize a special conference in Ottawa that will unite the different stakeholders within the RNA research and innovation ecosystem. 
In the same spirit of the RiboClub Annual meetings, leading researchers will share their insights on the ever-evolving landscape of RNA research, igniting the curiosity of burgeoning scientists. In this setting, discussions and interactions abound, encouraging attendees to delve into conversations and shape the future of RNA biology. 
To promote inclusivity, registration fees are subsidized, inviting students and emerging researchers to participate. Every lab member is invited to attend enlightening presentations by distinguished scientists and take part in an engaging poster competition.

RNA enzymes: A New Frontier of Biotechnology

Monitoring RNA in motion

RNA processing and maturation

Understanding RNA viruses

RNA: a new frontier for agriculture and forestry

Structure and function of regulatory RNA

AI & Computational Biology: Transforming massive seq data into function, targets and mechanism of action

RNA sensors, aptamers and bioengineering

New and untapped fields and application of RNA biology

Virus manipulation of host RNA cellular processes

RNA-based disease mechanisms of action

RNA modifications

Ribosomes: the ultimate drug targets

Regulation of RNA stability and decay

RNA binding proteins

Splicing and Disease

Translational Control

Plant RNA Biology

Ribonucleoprotein granules and spatial control of RNA regulation

Bacterial RNA and the new generation of antibiotics

Non-coding RNAs as markers and targets

Public Speakers:

Adrian Krainer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA

Jack Szostak, University of Chicago, USA

Jeannie Lee, Harvard Medical School, USA

Lynne Maquat, University of Rochester Medical Center, USA

Nahum Sonenberg, McGill University, Canada

Phillip Sharp, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Pieter Cullis, University of British Columbia, Canada

Tom Cech, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Featured Speakers:

Alan Lambowitz, The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Anna Blakney, University of British Columbia, Canada

Anna Marie Pyle, Yale University, USA

Anne Simon, University of Maryland College Park, USA

Anne Willis, University of Cambridge, UK

Beatriz Fontoura, UT Southwestern, USA

Ben Blencowe, University of Toronto, Canada

Benoit Chabot, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Brenton Graveley, UConn Health,USA

Christine Vande Velde, Université de Montreal, Canada

Daniel Herschlag, Stanford University, USA

Daniel Zenklusen, Université de Montréal, Canada

David Bartel, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA

David Baulcombe, University of Cambridge, UK

Davide Ruggero, University of California San Francisco, USA

Eric Lai, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA

Gene Yeo, UCSD, USA

Gisela Storz, NIH, USA

Hyongsok Tom Soh, Stanford University, USA

Jeannie Lee, Massachussetts General Hospital, Boston

Jeffrey Kieft, New York Structural Biology Center, USA

Jérôme Waldispuhl, McGill University, Canada

Jessica Tucker, The University of Iowa, USA

John Bell, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Joseph Puglisi, Stanford University, USA

Katharina Hofer, Max Planck Institute, Germany

Katherine Borden, Université de Montréal, Canada

Kristin Hope, University of Toronto, Canada

Lynne Maquat, University of Rochester, Rochester

Maria Barna, Stanford University, USA

Mark Belmonte, University of Manitoba, Canada

Marlene Oeffinger, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal, Canada

Martin Smith, Université de Montréal, Canada

Maureen McKeague, McGill University, Canada

Nebojsa Janjic, Somalogic, USA

Peter F. Johnson, NCI-Frederick, USA

Peter Sarnow, Stanford University, USA

Priya Banerjee, SUNY at Buffalo, USA

Rachel Green, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Raymund Wellinger, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Ronald Breaker, Yale University, USA

Sally Assmann, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Scott Blanchard, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, USA

Scott Kennedy, Harvard University, USA

Shuo Gu, National Cancer Institute, USA

Stephanie Moon, University of Michigan Medical School, USA

Steve Whyard, University of Manitoba, Canada

Sue Ackerman, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA

Tao Pan, University of Chicago, USA

Thomas Dever, NIH, USA

Ute Kothe, University of Manitoba, Canada

Victor Ambros, UMASS Medical School, USA

Wendy Gilbert, Yale School of Medicine, USA

Xiao Wang, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA

Xinnian Dong, Duke University, USA

Xuemei Chen, University of California Riverside, USA

Yong Wang, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Session Chairs:

Artem Babaian, University of Toronto, Canada

Davoud Torkamaneh, Universite Laval, Canada

Eric Massé, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Hong Han, McMaster University, Canada

Jack Keene, Duke University, USA

James Burke, University of Florida, USA

Ly Vu, University of British Columbia, Canada

Maria Vera Ugalde, McGill University, Canada

Markus Hafner, NIH, USA

Martin Simard, Université Laval, Canada

Olena Zhulyn, SickKids & University of Toronto, Canada

Peter Moffett, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Peter Unrau, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Selena Sagan, UBC, Canada

William Faller, Netherlands Cancer Institute, NL

Yingfu Li, McMaster University, Canada

Yu Zhou, Wuhan University, China

Zofia Chrzanowska, Newcastle University, UK


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