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RNA Biology and Technology – The Current Pandemic and Beyond

September 23-25

Organized in association with
the Gairdner Foundation, CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity and the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences

Registration deadline is September 1st


  • Lynne Maquat, University of Rochester, Rochester
  • Stanley Perlman, University of Iowa, Iowa
  • Mariano A. Garcia-Blanco, UTMB, Texas

Moderation and discussion:

  • Phillip Sharp, MIT, Cambridge


  • Amy S. Gladfelter, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Silvia Rouskin, Whitehead Institute, Cambridge
  • Benjamin tenOever, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York
  • Sara Cherry, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia
  • Sasha Gorbalenya, Leiden University, Leiden
  • David H. Mathews, University of Rochester, Rochester
  • Amanda Hargrove, Duke University, Durham
  • Matthew Disney, The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter
  • Anastasia Khvorova, University of Massachusetts, Worcester
  • Peter Unrau, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
  • Ying Fu Li, McMaster University, Hamilton
  • Matthew Frieman, University of Maryland at Baltimore
  • Tao Pan, University of Chicago, Illinois
  • Stacy Horner, Duke University, Durham
  • Cara Pager, State University of New York, Albany
  • Bruno Canard, Laboratoire Architecture et Fonction des Macromolécules Biologiques, Marseille
  • Volker Lohmann, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg
  • Wei-Shau Hu, NIH/NCI, Frederick
  • Florian Krammer , Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York
  • Alyson Kelvin, Dalhousie University, Halifax
  • Pieter Cullis, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • Darryl Falzarano, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
  • Jeffery S. Kieft, University of Colorado, Aurora
  • Jon Dinman, University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • Karen Mossman, McMaster University, Hamilton
  • Marceline Côté, University of Ottawa, Ottawa
  • Carrie Bourassa, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, the annual RiboClub meeting will host its first virtual forum focusing on the Biology of RNA viruses. In association with the Gairdner Foundation, CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity, and the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences, the Riboclub is organizing this forum via Zoom. This special RiboZoom will include talks by leading RNA biologists and virologists with the goal of integrating their knowledge into a coherent view of the future of RNA virus based research. The forum will feature current and emerging research related to SARS-CoV-2 as well as other RNA viruses and related RNA technologies. All talks will be live with opportunities to pose questions to individual speakers, and inclusion of panel discussions after every session. Virtual, live poster sessions will also be featured. As a gesture of solidarity with all scientists directly or indirectly affected by the current epidemic, the RiboClub and associates will assume all of the meeting costs. Thus registration, although mandatory, is free of cost.

The meeting is open to all researchers interested in learning about RNA or virus research.