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20th Riboclub Annual Meeting

Poster Design Contest

Dear Riboclub Members,

As you all know, next year is the 20th anniversary of the Riboclub! To celebrate this event, we are opening the CONTEST FOR THE BEST 20th Riboclub Annual Meeting POSTER DESIGN!

The best design will be used for the poster representing the 20th Riboclub Annual Meeting, that will be sent out to universities across the globe and appear in the hallways of the University of Sherbrooke. The winning design will also appear on the cover page of the Annual Meeting abstract book, which will be a special edition for the Riboclub Anniversary, as it will include a history segment highlighting the Riboclub accomplishments and contributions to the RNA research field over the last two decades.

The winner of the contest will be acknowledged at the 20th Riboclub Annual meeting and receive a prize of 300$!

To participate in the competition, follow the guidelines below and send your artwork to the Riboclub student representatives by February 1st, 2019

[email protected] and [email protected]

Students, interns, postdocs, assistants, associates and PIs – everybody is welcome to join a competition! Good luck, and let your creativity flow!


Poster Design Contest Guidelines

  • Your poster has to be designed in a P3 format (17 x 11 in, 280 × 430 mm, ).
  • To submit your work for a contest, please send it to one of the Riboclub student representatives by February 1, 2019 as a jpg, tif, png or pdf file.
  • The best poster design will be selected by a committee of the Riboclub Students and announced by mid-February, 2019. At this stage, the winner will be asked to provide an original high-quality file of the design (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or other graphical software file) and may be asked to assist in any required changes.
  • There is no colour scheme or any other restrictions to your artwork! Just set your imagination free! If you prefer using Riboclub pictures, feel free to download anything posted at the Riboclub website (for example,
  • There are some text requirements for your poster design. It has to mention the theme, dates and place and our partner for the next year (please, see below):
    • Theme: RNA – 20 Years of Discoveries
    • Dates and place: September 22-27, Hotel Cheribroug, Mont Orford, Quebec, Canada
    • Partners: Gairdner Foundation

You also need to include the logos of the Riboclub, University of Sherbrooke and Gairdner Foundation. You can download them from the page below.

  • This year, we have an extensive list of featured speakers. We suggest two possible formats to showcase the speakers through your poster design:
    • All speakers are listed
    • Choose only chairs and their topics, which can be taken from their session titles

Note: rewording and grouping of sessions is welcome in order to concisely and comprehensively represent topics discussed at this meeting!

The names of all featured speakers along with their sessions can be found in this attachment.

Good luck and all the best!


Logos to download

Old poster examples