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RNA Canada Presentation - PDF file

2023 – Howard Lipshitz

mRNA structure regulates protein expression through changes in functional half-life

2022 – Melissa Moore

The World of RNA: from CRISPR Gene Editing and mRNA Vaccines to Regulation of Epigenetics

2021 – Tom Cech

Dynamics of eukaryotic translation initiation

2021 – Joseph Puglisi

RNA Biology in Gene Regulation

2019 – Phillip Sharp

Life Achievement Award

2019 – Benjamin Blencowe

Research in life sciences: hypothesis or discovery-driven?

2017 – Ueli Schibler

The Miracle

2015 – Paul McKellips

Scientific Utopia: Improving Openness and Reproducibility in Scientific Research

2014 – Brian Nosek

My life as an RNA molecule

2013 – Alan Bernstein

Revisiting Lampbrush Chromosomes

2012 – Joseph Gall

Designing Life

2009 – Jack Szostak

Ribonucleotides in Life

2009 – Phillip Sharp

The Era of RNA Awakening: Structural Biology of RNA in the Early Years

2009 – Alexander Rich